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How Fiestah works

Fiestah is crazy simple to use

Daily Menu via Text

Daily Menu

Receive the menu in your inbox every morning.

Lunch Arrives

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Grab Your Lunch

Grab Your Lunch

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Hand crafted menus

We select new menu options for you everyday featuring some of the best local restaurants in your area. With different cuisines throughout the week and new restaurants regularly, we offer delicious surprises for everyone!

Daily notifications

Enjoying Fiestah is a breeze. We'll let you know the daily menu each morning. If you see something you like, reply to order. Then, we'll notify you when lunch arrives. We like to keep it simple.

Who's Fiestah-ing Today?

Since 2013 we've delivered over 100,000 meals to offices in New York and now we have just landed in Malaysia!

Nobody does lunch as reliably as we do - we guarantee it.

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